Important Factors Determining Online Reputation Management

Reputation has taken on a whole new meaning because of the Internet. Nowadays, it's effortless to know a person and form impressions of them based on how you see them online, through social media sites. It's so easy to tell how a person might be like based on status updates, shared photos, and their online interaction with other social media users. If you can know so much about a person through social media, what more if it's a business establishment?
online reputation management
Online reputation management means that one pays close attention as to how a person, establishment, or organization appears online. It involves keeping a close watch on what is said about them on the Internet and responding to these reactions in a professional and positive manner. A lot of major brands now use the Internet as a way for them to reach out to their patrons. It's not just about having an official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, but more of keeping these accounts alive and interacting constantly with their followers.

There are many important factors concerning online reputation management. Here are some of the basics that falls under such kind of online management system:

1. Social media platforms

You've probably seen these words with some familiar brand names:

  • "Like us on Facebook"
  • "Follow us on Twitter"
  • "Follow our Instagram page"
These phrases are a way for brands to reach out to their customers and maintain their following, all while doing their best to hook in new patrons as well. Social media websites have become more popular than ever, because it's free to sign up, and it's the best way to interact with people who closely follow the brand. Using social media to manage online reputation can rake in big benefits. It's not just about being present on Facebook or Twitter, but making sure that those who manage social media accounts maintain an active interaction and response to customer feedback. Study how other major brands manage and maintain their social media interaction, and find ways on what works for your own brand.

2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Search Engine Results Page refers to the first results that crop up after doing a Google search on a product, service, or brand. One who does online management reputation must know how to utilize related brand keywords wisely so that the related pages instantly appear after doing a search for a brand name. Major social media networks prove to be authority sites in search engine results page, and therefore, knowing how to manage these social media accounts is a must.

3. Negativity

Not everything said online about a brand is positive. It happens most of the time that some negative reviews will pop up after doing a Google search about a product or service. This can't be helped, but what can be controlled is how the social media specialist responds to these negativity being said about their products and services. There are really some people out to say bad things about something, but do keep in mind that real complaints and issues must be addressed promptly. Your patrons must be assured that the management is doing their best to address their issues. A proactive way of responding to online negativity is a good thing.

4. Customer Involvement

Don't just let your customers shy away from your social media page. One way to keep them from visiting is to encourage customer involvement, like posting pictures or videos of using a brand's products and services and sharing them on the official page. Contests are also a good idea, as this means that a brand values customer loyalty and encourages new patrons as well.

5. PR Strategy

Come up with an active strategy that involves not just releasing news about your brand. Think out of the box when it comes to a specific and effective PR campaign for your brand, like keeping track with your partners and finding active sponsors to get the word out.

What people say about your brand cannot be totally controlled. But social media practitioners can control their brand image and make sure that they always appear to be positive and relevant for their patrons. All it takes is to manage their online presence and reputation in a wise, active, and constant manner.

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How to Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate?

bounce rate
Websites are mainly designed to represent one's business perspective. It is the best way to represent ‘what you offer', your services, and achievements. As now everyone go through the internet to find their perfect choice, it is more important to focus on business over internet. So companies focusing on web business must have the idea about bounce rate.

The term refers to the percentage of visitors seeing one page and leave without continuing to the website, i.e. visitors are not much interested in seeing the other pages in the same site. This shows the measurement, of effectiveness of a website. People come to your website and does not want to know about your business and go to another link having a different web link. One page's performance and effectiveness get determined by visitors' interest. If a web page has a high percentage of bounce rate then your audiences do not want to view further, and if one page having low percentage of this means it has an effective way to make people visit other pages and look deeper towards all pages. Most importantly, you should concentrate on the landing page so that one audience gets the incentive for exploring other pages and ideas you offer.


Look At The History of Google Updates

There are a lot of Google updates every year. There are between 30 and 60 every year, and those are just the ones that Google publishes in their little timelines. There are probably a lot more that go on where it is not in Google’s interest to tell us about them. Here is a little bit of a history lesson when it comes to Google updating their search engine.

Google Search Updates

There is little history of structure changing

That has been little done over the last few years to change the actual structure of their search engine. One big one was in the year 2010 when they introduced the caffeine index. This is a change that helped to speed up how the index was crawled. It was a needed change as Google keeps growing the amount of websites it has on its index.


US Free High PR Web Directories List

Search Engine Optimization is very important term for every blogger and webmaster. After creating the quality contents it is also important to get huge traffic on the published blog post or article. Direct traffic is not enough to get the best out of your online inventory. We need to get organic traffic from search engines. To do this we need SEO and for SEO we need high quality backlinks. High Page Rank web directories help us to accomplish this task.

improve google page rank

I already shared top 30 free submission, high pr web directories list but today I am going to share 10 USA based web directories with high Google page rank. The difference between these lists is that the USA based directories will help us to get the targeted traffic. If your blog is based on USA and the contents of your website are for US users then you can get the benefits from this list. We also know the importance of traffic from US country. It is really valuable because it offers us high CPC rates.

So enjoy this US based web directories list and get target USA traffic as well as increase page rank and search engine listening of your blog or website.


How to Market Your Blog?

This is an age where you need to know how to market yourself? or your products and services in order to get ahead of the curve. Due to the advent of the Internet, competition in just about everything is fiercer. Even bloggers who were once few and far in between are having a hard time increasing their web traffic.


If you're one of those people who is currently having difficulty getting the web hits you need then this is the list for you. Below are seven effective tips that will surely help you market your blog better.

Best Blogger Templates 2014

Blogging is growing day by day. Daily many new blogs are created and most of these new blogs are hosted on Blogger. Blogger is the best free content management system for the small and medium level of blogs. The reason behind this is that Blogger provides the all main blogging tools free of cost.

The default templates provided by Blogger are very simple. If we talk about the design of our blog then people mostly like to choose the custom designed templates for Blogger. Most of the Blogger blogs are using custom templates rather than the official templates provided by Blogger. It becomes very difficult for a new blogger to find the beautiful, attractive, well designed and responsive templates for their Blogger blog. Through this post I am helping new and existing bloggers to find the best blogger templates of their choice.

There are both paid and free templates available on the web for Blogger. We have no need to pay for the paid templates when we have the well-designed blogger templates free of cost. In this article I shared the simple, responsive, beautifully designed and professional blogger templates. I also shared their link to download and use these templates.

Simple Snipe

simple snipe

Simple Snipe is minimal design blogger template which mainly focus on the contents of your blog and beautiful design too. It is SEO Optimized and very responsive template for your Blogger blog.


Braxton template is specially designed for the fashion and life style type blogs. It is highly designed and SEO friendly template for fashion blogs hosted on Blogger.


Free 20 High PR Australian Web Directories List

Web directories are playing an important role in the search engine optimization of any blog or website in these days. As we know that Google rank every website on the basis of quality backlinks it is receiving from other websites. The quality of these backlinks is measured through the Page Rank of the websites which are linking to your blog or website. So if your blog or website is receiving high quality backlinks from the high page rank websites then its Page Rank will increase and it will do well in the search results. It is very difficult to establish quality backlinks. Web directories solve this problem of the web developers and bloggers. It is also very difficult task to find the high Google Page Rank web directories to create backlinks. This list is based on the web directories for Australian websites or blogs. These are the Based on the Australia reason and contains the websites of Australia country.


So if you are an Australian or if your website or blog is targeting Australian users then this list is helpful for you to get target Australian visitors as well as backlinks from the high PR websites to increase page rank of your blog or website.


How to Advertise using Smartphones?

Smartphones have revolutionized communications and the application of mobile phones in business. These smartphones have become very useful in business and are used in varying degrees of success as advertising and marketing tools. Advertising on smartphones works for communication carriers, businesses and smartphone applications developers.

When you are considering using smartphones in your advertising and marketing strategy, there are several ways you can use them and integrate their users into your advertising plans. Since smartphones run software programs, called applications, you can develop an application for your customers to install on their phones and easily access your products. These applications can also be used to provide support services to customers and gather feedback about the quality of your products and their ease of use.

show your ad on smartphones

You can also place advertisements that pop up when the application is being used or run as banners in the application’s interface. These advertisements should not take up much space or be bothersome to the phone user. You can additionally provide an option of turning off the advertisements to users. Applications that are paid for can have advertisements based on whether the application is registered or if it is a free version that the user has installed.

The other option you can take is the sending of bulk text messages. This requires that you have a database of the phone numbers of your target consumers and then send them text messages informing them about your products and other relevant information. Text messages are cheap to send and some carriers offer unlimited text messages on their networks. Smartphones allow for easy sending of bulk messages and scheduling can be done so that the messages are sent at a specified time of the day. 


How to Include a PayPal Button on your Blog?

paypal button
Looking for payment system to install on your blog? PayPal is one of the most convenient, secure, and widely trusted online payment systems for vendors and customers alike. You can install a PayPal button on your blog or website and start accepting credit card payments from customers within minutes!

E-commerce has steadily risen to dominate the online space in recent years. Through the availability of fast Internet connection, as well as easy access to computers and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, anyone can search for products, read reviews, compare prices, and purchase items at the best prices online, anywhere and anytime.

There is indeed tough competition in e-commerce and you don’t want to be left behind. Make payments so much easier for your customers by installing a PayPal button on your blog.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an alternative payment method that allows any business or individual with a registered email address to send and receive payments online. This provides convenience to both customers and business owners because it’s a more secure and cost-effective option.

Customers prefer to use PayPal as it allows them to keep their credit card details secure. There’s no need to them to provide sensitive credit card information online. Instead, they only need a PayPal email account to complete a transaction. PayPal is definitely one of the world’s biggest real-time payment solutions, and will continue to remain so for many more years. HiFiFun.Net also use Paypal for receiving payments from advertisers. You can also advertise your business/blog on HiFiFun.Net.

Install the PayPal Button on Your Blog

To start administering payments using PayPal, you can install a PayPal button on your blog. There are two types of buttons you can install: one is for asking website visitors to make a donation via PayPal, and the second is through the addition of a PayPal shopping cart. Your choice would depend on the type of product or services you are soliciting payments for.

For instance, the donation button is often found on independent websites where users can download products for free (eg. artworks) with the option to make donations. The PayPal shopping cart is popular for most e-commerce sites.

You simply install an icon to your blog and link the button to your account to start receiving payments. But before anything else, you would of course need a Pay Pal account. If you don’t have one yet, here’s what you need to do:
  • Visit the PayPal website and sign up for an account.
  • Fill out and submit a registration form, then return to the PayPal homepage.
  • Login wth the the email address and password you submitted for registration.


Useful Guide to Write Engaging Blog Contents!

Engaging, according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, means “very attractive or pleasing in a way that holds your attention.” This word is easy to describe but complicated to achieve.

engage readers

In blogging, holding the attention of the readers can be tricky. Once a blogger or a web administrator attracts people to read, holding them to finish the article will only last nine seconds or less. According to Ted Selker, an expert from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, people who often browse hundreds of web pages grows shallow interest to a lot of things. Their attention span and concentration skills falter because there are many sites they can visit.

Why is it Important to Engage Readers?

Readers are the movers of your web traffic and activity. If they don't engage in reading your contents, sharing, and commenting on it. The site can loose indicators of a quality website. Remember, Google has high standards in choosing which website they'd like to appear in search engine results page. Your backlink is not enough to tell whether your page is good for Google. It must have steady stream of traffic and activity, which your readers can only do if you keep them engaged.

Engaging readers can also lead to:

  • Better Traffic
  • Improve Sales (e-commerce websites)
  • Improve Rankings
  • Promote Community of Readers
  • Improve Social Media Activities
  • Build Stronger Influence

How Do I Engage My Readers?

As mentioned, attracting them is easy but engaging them can be tricky. Many web admins think regular posts are enough to engage them. But they always falls short in soliciting comments and shares.

The way writers make their articles has a lot to do with why this happens. To help you improve your site activity and engage readers, here are few tips that you can do:

Make your article short

Short articles are your best weapons against short attention span. Hold readers' attention in a 500- 600 words content. They can read the article fast, so they have enough time to leave comments.

If you have so many things to write, there are other ways to shorten your blogs, here are few:

  • Embrace Line Breaks
  • Use Subheadings
  • Apply Bullets
  • Bold/ Italicize Words
  • Use Numbers