Ways to 'Break the Internet' with Your Digital Marketing Skills

You don't need to be Kim Kardashian to break the internet.

As a matter of fact, you don't need to flash any body part. You can do way better than that. Showcase your awesome digital marketing skills and you can definitely win the internet using your braincells.

It's never impossible to catch the world wide web's attention. The basic principle of digital marketing is just the same as any conventional marketing and advertising -- make some noise and sell. So as per setting digital marketing skills is concerned, your aim is pretty much obvious. However, although it still boils down to the cliché-sh "know your target audience" marketing strategy, the set of marketing skills and strategies are still far off different when we talk about the 'digital' part.

Whether you do something brilliant, hilarious or stupid online, you will certainly get attention. But although some say 'whatever kind of publicity is still publicity', it wouldn't work well for everyone and every kind of brand there is. This is where brilliant digital marketing skills should take place. Below are just some smart ways to break the internet and win your target market online.

The Cliché But Ever-Effective Research

Before you start anything, whether marketing online or off, research is a very vital point. There may be instances on the internet when things or people just instantaneously broke the world wide web for some reason. But it's always like a one shot fame, easily forgotten. Even the Kim Kardashian crew pretty much made some research before they did that photoshoot cover.

Research is important especially for branding and marketing so you would know more about your target audience and potential customers. Much like you can't go into war with guns alone but without a strategy, you also can't just market something you don't know.

Another Overly-Used But Effective: Strategy Development

After the research phase, it is also important to strategize. As much as you can, plan ahead. Planning can reduce the risk of making mistakes and offending anyone. When you have a concrete strategy to follow, it's easier to check, change and improve the whole thing. If you can, prepare a for a whole quarter of strategies and schedules so you will have enough time to plan for the next months ahead.

That Ingenious Copywriting

Now that we're done with the planning stage, this one's for the actual execution stage. You may think that writing a copy is just as easy as typing a Facebook status. One big NO.

Copywriting may not be too serious and too technical as other sorts of writing. But it should also be treated as equally intellectual and doubly witty. It intends to grab a quick attention from short-attention-spanned web users. So your copies, from short captions to full length articles, needs to be catchy and interesting at the same time.

Tickle the curiosity of your audience using numbers, human interest, shock, myth busters, and other stuff which you think can make them have a second look and stop right there to read the whole of it.

Those Awesome Technical Skills

Good copies are always best partnered with great images and videos. So if you want to rock the world wide web with some sick word play, better learn some cool technical stuff as well, like photo and video editing. Well, you can always find some images free of copyright from the internet and post Youtube videos on your website or social media accounts. But originally thought-of and created videos and images are still always better and more interesting. Show your target market something that they haven't seen before!

It also pays to learn some basic coding if you're planning to create your own website. It's part of the technical side too. But if you want to crazily break the internet, you can always continue to learn expert level 9000 coding skills to show off to you market.

Your Clever Social Media Marketing (SMM) Plan

Every single effort you make won't be noticeable without a smart social media plan. No matter how brilliant your copies or how creative your videos and images are, if you don't have a particular strategy how, where and when to post them on social media, your efforts will go to waste. Consider the behavior of web users and take advantage of the time and the platform. For example, if the merchandise you're marketing online has something to do with food and beverages, make sure you schedule a post with an image of your sumptuous product before and during meal time.

The Continuous Evaluation Process Through Analytics

This one technical aspect of evaluation is a must for any social media marketer. For you to know in which aspect are you succeeding and which part needs improvement, you need to understand and learn analytics. Google can provide some good analysis for you. Although it's indeed an investment, it's a necessary investment to track down your success on breaking the internet in full detail. Learn more about Google Analytics here.

This Bright Idea of Newsjacking

Go with the flow of news and current events. Write and post something about relevant happenings alongside some well-masked marketing twists to gain more traffic and attention. Ride with the trend and the curiosity of people all over the internet and take advantage of every opportunity to use newsjacking for your purpose: to make noise and sell!

Your Irresistible Soft Skills

Soft skills like good communication, flexibility and pleasant online ethics can certainly charm anyone in the world wide web. Kill them with kindness and great character as they say. People will certainly love to know more about your website, products and services with your soft skills waving naturally. All work without ethics won't bring you any success at all. Let www.resumesplanet.com tell you more about these soft skills for professional use.

That Awesome Teamwork

It is possible to pull of digital marketing solo. But the work won't be as fast and accurate if you have some awesome teammates to help you out each step of the way. More heads are always better than one. So teamwork is an essential part of breaking the world wide web into pieces.

Digital marketing may be a whole lot of work. But once you are able to awesomely break the internet one step after another, all is accounted for. You don't need a Kim Kardashian to make some noise on the world wide web. Create your own mark and make it your classy digital footprint for everyone to see. Rock the internet with your braincells and showcase your digital marketing skills now!


7 Effective Strategies to Get More Social Media Feedback from Targets?

Feedback is everything.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the newest trend in the field nowadays. We can't blame the business-minded people to actually take advantage of the internet. It's where most target markets are lurking in recent years. So in an effort of trying to promote any kind of products and services, the world wide web has been the go-to "marketing strategy" for business owners, both big and small scale ones.

social media

Through years of use and abuse of social networking sites as a means to market products, services and websites, the curiosity of potential target audiences already died down. Thus, a more comprehensive online marketing strategy is a must in order to not just grab the attention of the target market, but to get them to give feedback as well.

Below are seven effective strategies to attract attention and get response from potential clients and site visitors.

I. The Winning Captions and Write-Ups

Words are powerful - even online. Writing winning captions and articles can capture attention and interest. The main secret is to play with words and use them to stir curiosity and critical thinking. You can work with words to manipulate the target market and call out an action you want to induce.

According to bestessays.com, for captions, often begin with a verb for call to action's sake. On the other hand, when writing an original content for your product, service or website, the technique lies in keeping everything concise and easily understandable. Your title and introduction should also be very interesting and informative at the same time. After which, you can win the internet!

II. The Captivating Original Photos and Videos

There might be millions of photos and videos to recycle on the internet. But nothing beats original and customized posts for your brand. Creating your own materials can mean extra effort on your end. But it can also add impact to your marketing strategy since it's something fresh and creative.

III. The Fast and Friendly Engagements

Keeping in touch with your online followers and potential customers is a vital factor. Since people on the internet are always looking for instant response to their comments or inquiries, being always attentive and ready to reply is a must. As much as possible, be online most of the time.

Trolls and annoying comments and questions will pop out anytime. Be prepared. Think before you respond all the time. Be as gentle, friendly and witty as possible to tick off the nuisances and possibly attract more audiences. You can once again win the internet through this.


How to add background music to Blogger blog?

If you are interested in adding background music to your Blogger blog and do not know how to do this then this post will help you. We can let our users to listen some kind music while they are reading our blog posts. This thing can make their reading experience on your blog more enjoyable. You can let any kind of music in your Blogger blog’s background. This could be a super hit song of any movie or some other enjoyable instrumental music etc.

background music

It is very easy to add any music file or song in the background of your Blogger blog. To embed a music file in the background of your Blogger blog, you just have to add a small 3-4 lines HTML code in your blog. This code will embed the music file of your choice in the background of your blog. This music file or song will start automatically whenever you or your user will load any page of your website.


An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a niche market in the world of e-commerce, a niche market worth a few million dollars. It became a predominant aspect of e-commerce after the success of Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program in 1994. The Amazon Affiliate Program brought to light the ease and efficacy of an affiliate program for a business’ advertising. Affiliate Marketing began with the simple idea of using a secondary site to advertise a primary one. This principle is not exclusive to e-commerce but it has proved significantly more successful within the online context than the print one.

The Form Affiliate Marketing Takes

Affiliate marketing is a highly recognizable form of Marketing for the online user nowadays, though it is not always known by that name. Affiliate Marketing most often takes the form of banners, pop-up pages, or external links. These forms are the most easily recognisable and popular. They are eye-catching and demand attention from the customer. There are various other formats of Affiliate Marketing which may be less intrusive such as blog posts, reviews of a service and email notifications. The major downside to Affiliate Marketing is the irritation factor. Many customers of the affiliate may get frustrated, angry or even refuse the use an affiliates services anymore if the marketing format is too aggressive or intrusive.


Effect of the internet on businesses

effect of intetnet on business
The face of the business world is fast evolving. From the one-to-one interaction with customers to the worldwide access of customers, this evolution is a realistic development that is fueled by the internet. Various sectors have been influenced by the internet, such as

  • Advertising is being maximized by use of the internet. Products can now be communicated to users online. This is achieved by use of websites, social media and blog pages that are likely to be accessed by the targeted customers. It is also a convenient way to the businesses since it does not require many resources thus saving on company expenditure.
  • The stock market has also had a thorough boost. This is through the transformation of having to read on stock developments on paper the following day. Internet has now enabled the reading of live stock quotes as customers track stock performance changes. Commercial companies’ provide the stock quotes online as a way of attracting investors. This is done as a free service as they market their goods online.
  • Companies now have the ability to share information through the internet. Information may be restricted to only company employees but can be accessed from anywhere so long as there is internet connectivity. This has enhanced convenience to most companies since employee do not have to move with the data but only access it when it is required from the companies’ databases.
  • The environment is also better conserved through the internet in business activities. Newspapers are now moving from the era of print to online publications. This is bringing a huge difference in the utilization of trees being cut down. This has however not been maximized. If all print media could be moved to make use of the internet, it would highly cut on cost both to the publishers and the end users. This would also bring a huge effect in environmental conservation. There is however slow uptake of technology especially amongst the older generation thus hampering complete digitization of the media.


Important Factors Determining Online Reputation Management

Reputation has taken on a whole new meaning because of the Internet. Nowadays, it's effortless to know a person and form impressions of them based on how you see them online, through social media sites. It's so easy to tell how a person might be like based on status updates, shared photos, and their online interaction with other social media users. If you can know so much about a person through social media, what more if it's a business establishment?
online reputation management
Online reputation management means that one pays close attention as to how a person, establishment, or organization appears online. It involves keeping a close watch on what is said about them on the Internet and responding to these reactions in a professional and positive manner. A lot of major brands now use the Internet as a way for them to reach out to their patrons. It's not just about having an official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, but more of keeping these accounts alive and interacting constantly with their followers.

There are many important factors concerning online reputation management. Here are some of the basics that falls under such kind of online management system:

1. Social media platforms

You've probably seen these words with some familiar brand names:

  • "Like us on Facebook"
  • "Follow us on Twitter"
  • "Follow our Instagram page"
These phrases are a way for brands to reach out to their customers and maintain their following, all while doing their best to hook in new patrons as well. Social media websites have become more popular than ever, because it's free to sign up, and it's the best way to interact with people who closely follow the brand. Using social media to manage online reputation can rake in big benefits. It's not just about being present on Facebook or Twitter, but making sure that those who manage social media accounts maintain an active interaction and response to customer feedback. Study how other major brands manage and maintain their social media interaction, and find ways on what works for your own brand.


How to Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate?

bounce rate
Websites are mainly designed to represent one's business perspective. It is the best way to represent ‘what you offer', your services, and achievements. As now everyone go through the internet to find their perfect choice, it is more important to focus on business over internet. So companies focusing on web business must have the idea about bounce rate.

The term refers to the percentage of visitors seeing one page and leave without continuing to the website, i.e. visitors are not much interested in seeing the other pages in the same site. This shows the measurement, of effectiveness of a website. People come to your website and does not want to know about your business and go to another link having a different web link. One page's performance and effectiveness get determined by visitors' interest. If a web page has a high percentage of bounce rate then your audiences do not want to view further, and if one page having low percentage of this means it has an effective way to make people visit other pages and look deeper towards all pages. Most importantly, you should concentrate on the landing page so that one audience gets the incentive for exploring other pages and ideas you offer.


Look At The History of Google Updates

There are a lot of Google updates every year. There are between 30 and 60 every year, and those are just the ones that Google publishes in their little timelines. There are probably a lot more that go on where it is not in Google’s interest to tell us about them. Here is a little bit of a history lesson when it comes to Google updating their search engine.

Google Search Updates

There is little history of structure changing

That has been little done over the last few years to change the actual structure of their search engine. One big one was in the year 2010 when they introduced the caffeine index. This is a change that helped to speed up how the index was crawled. It was a needed change as Google keeps growing the amount of websites it has on its index.


US Free High PR Web Directories List

Search Engine Optimization is very important term for every blogger and webmaster. After creating the quality contents it is also important to get huge traffic on the published blog post or article. Direct traffic is not enough to get the best out of your online inventory. We need to get organic traffic from search engines. To do this we need SEO and for SEO we need high quality backlinks. High Page Rank web directories help us to accomplish this task.

improve google page rank

I already shared top 30 free submission, high pr web directories list but today I am going to share 10 USA based web directories with high Google page rank. The difference between these lists is that the USA based directories will help us to get the targeted traffic. If your blog is based on USA and the contents of your website are for US users then you can get the benefits from this list. We also know the importance of traffic from US country. It is really valuable because it offers us high CPC rates.

So enjoy this US based web directories list and get target USA traffic as well as increase page rank and search engine listening of your blog or website.


How to Market Your Blog?

This is an age where you need to know how to market yourself? or your products and services in order to get ahead of the curve. Due to the advent of the Internet, competition in just about everything is fiercer. Even bloggers who were once few and far in between are having a hard time increasing their web traffic.


If you're one of those people who is currently having difficulty getting the web hits you need then this is the list for you. Below are seven effective tips that will surely help you market your blog better.