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Social networks play an important role for any blog or website. A blog can increase its readers with the help of social networking. There are several benefits of social networks for bloggers like we can stay connected with blog readers through social networking, we can announce about the events, we can provide the latest blog updates etc. Learn about the power of the Social Networks in the business in the book, 'Social Networking - Big Business on Your Computer'.  Due to the all these features all bloggers and webmasters publish their website and blog posts on the social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. Blogger manually share their blog posts on the social networking websites. This seems to be time consuming process. There are some websites and Apps which let us to share the blog posts automatically on the social profile of blog/website.

Now Blogger/Blogspot users can share their blog posts automatically on the Google +. Google recently announced about this new feature. In this post I covered this topic i.e. How to share every Blogspot blog post automatically on Google Plus? So read the post and start using this new feature now.

Few months ago Google launched Google Plus Comment widget for blogger blogs. This is also a good way to increase the traffic and Google Plus Fans of your blog. Learn how to you can add Google Plus Comment widget in your blogger blog?

To access this feature of Blogspot you need to add your Google Plus profile to Blogger. This is very easy process. 

How to link Google Plus Account with Blogger/Blogspot?

Follow the below given steps to link your Google Plus Profile with your Blogger account. If you have already a linked Google Plus account then skip these steps and move further.

  1. Login into your Blogger account.
  2. Click on the 'settings/gear icon' from the top right corner.
  3. Select the ‘Upgrade to Google Plus’ option.
  4. Then follow the instructions and submit your details.
  5. Finish!

Now you can share your blog posts automatically on the Google Plus. 

Enable Automatically Google Plus Sharing Option in Blogger Blog!

You can manage the Google Plus Settings from the Google+ tab on the left hand side.

  • Open the Google + tab from the left hand side.
  • Then tick the 'automatically share after posting' option to enable this feature.
  • Done!

Now every time you will publish new post your post will be shared on the linked Google Plus Profile Automatically.

If you are facing any kind of problem or want to give your opinions about this feature them leave your comments below.
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