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If you are searching for the aged domain names for your business, blog or website then you are at the right place. We have a collection of aged domain names. We have already registered domains from last 13, 11, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 years. All these domain names are neat, means they are fresh and not used till now. If you will try to buy a domain name from the various online registrars or websites which offer this service then they will be charge hundreds or thousands of dollars. But here we sell aged domains at very reliable prices. You can buy aged domains in the cheap prices.

Why Use or Buy Aged Domains?

aged domains

There are several benefits of purchasing aged domains. The advantages of buying a aged domain are given below:

  • Aged domains are ranked more buy the search engines and this will help you get more organic traffic from the search engines like Google and Bing. You will get inexpensive traffic with an aged domain.
  • Aged domains gain higher Domain Authority Rank.
  • If you are using an aged domain for your business, blog or website then this will create a trust between you and your customers or visitors. They will trust you more because they will find that you are offering your services from many years.
  • In future if you decide to sell your domain or whole website or blog then your website will get high bid or price due to its age.
  • Other websites also links to the old domains or aged domains. This is helpful in link building.

These are the some main benefits which you will get by purchasing an aged domain. If you want to buy an aged domain for your Blogger or Wordpress blog or want to create new website with aged domain then Contact Us Now and Place your Order. We have limited number of domains.

Aged Domains List

Aged Domains List
Sr. No. Domain Name TLD Creation Date [Month/Year]
1 7a0.com COM January / 2000
2 ParisFares.com COM January / 2002
3 Foreston.com COM September / 2004
4 CancerGirl.com COM January / 2005
5 NMYD.com COM May / 2005
6 CareGrams.com COM June / 2005
7 Boatcart.com COM December / 2006
8 Laserfree.com COM May / 2007
9 SquareMirror.com COM February / 2009
10 19t.net NET November / 2009
11 Updation.com COM December / 2009
12 JuteFabric.com COM June / 2010
13 PupTrainer.com COM June / 2010
14 Cutter.co CO July / 2010
15 HRQ.co CO July / 2010
16 OHK.co CO July / 2010
17 OKK.co CO July / 2010
18 TGO.co CO July / 2010
19 ANW.co CO July / 2010
20 WWN.co CO July / 2010
21 CreativeDomains.in IN December / 2010
22 LustAsia.com COM February / 2011
23 Technocrunch.in IN May / 2011
24 SideEffect.in IN June / 2011
25 ConnectionWith.com COM June / 2011
26 PhoneFeatures.net NET June / 2011
27 PetrolSubstitute.com COM July / 2011
28 EnzymeBased.com COM July / 2011
29 HeartPulse.info INFO July / 2011
30 BodyGrow.net NET July / 2011
31 CopperT.net NET July / 2011
32 SmartphoneVideos.com COM July / 2011
33 CancerEnzyme.com COM July / 2011
34 SecurityAccess.org ORG July / 2011
35 DiabeticMedicine.info INFO July / 2011
36 Nomenclature.info INFO July / 2011
37 StatesofAmerica.us US July / 2011
38 WeMakeDomain.com COM July / 2011

Do I need a Relevant Domain to My Selected Niche?

The answer of this question according to my experience is ‘No’. You do not need a relevant domain name for your blog or business. It is not mandatory. You can see that I am using ‘HiFiFun.Net’ domain for this blog which contains the blogging related stuff and my blog is doing well. It is gaining plenty of search traffic daily. You can see the Alexa Rank of my blog in the Alexa widget shown on the bottom of the right sidebar. So do not get confuse in the name of the domain.

How you can buy or purchase aged domains?

How do I buy aged or old domain names?

Where from I can purchase old domain names?

The answers of above given question is here. You can purchase an aged domain from us. Just select any of the above given domains and contact us via the form given below or by sending email on our email id.


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